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AFROTHREADS™ is a movement. We are currently an online store/community dedicated to promoting authentic African fabrics worldwide. Based in the United States, we have partnered with African artisans and companies from different parts of the continent; our goal is to combat the influx of imitation prints.

Learn about and shop our unique selection of handwoven, hand-dyed, and printed textiles (Ankara). We also offer accessories and decor that we make with the materials we source. We encourage creativity and cultural appreciation: with knowledge and respect, anyone can proudly own, wear, and create with African prints and textiles.

Need help finding a tailor? We’re currently building a database, Tailors on Tap, which will feature a variety of talented tailors, seamstresses, and designers for all your custom needs!

A selection of our products are available to purchase at the Made in Baltimore Store on North Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. We also pop-up in different cities from time to time—make sure to join our mailing list for updates and exclusive offers!




As Afro-diasporans, we are always looking for more ways to incorporate African art into both our wardrobes and our homes. Shop our growing collection of accessories and decor, which highlights the beauty and versatility of different African fabrics.

We also strive for zero waste of these precious materials. We recycle leftover fabric whenever possible, and we are happy to collaborate with and/or donate to other creatives. Please contact us if interested!


We’re sisters who love African art in all its forms. Born in the US to proud Ghanaian parents, kente and other “ntoma” (cloth) has always been part of our lives.

Kente especially is close to our hearts—our paternal grandfather was from Bonwire, the village where Ashanti kente originates. He wove kente while growing up, as did several of our uncles.


Over the years, we have realized the extent to which imitation African prints have permeated the market and what it has done to jobs in the African textile industry. This required us to be more conscious when fabric shopping; specifically, it forced us to either wait until our next trip to Ghana to buy quality materials, or bother relatives who were traveling to shop for us (who else can relate?!).

In 2018, we decided to create a platform that would make it easier (and affordable!) for people in the diaspora to purchase authentic prints and textiles straight from Africa. We also wanted to put more of an emphasis on local artisans and the meanings behind fabrics from West Africa and other parts of the continent.

We hope that AFROTHREADS inspires you to learn more about different African cultures, explore your creativity, and collaborate with others. Most importantly, we hope that you’ll be inspired to visit and experience Africa firsthand!

Evonne (right) lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland; Erika currently lives in Brooklyn, New York where she is completing grad school.

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