Black/Blue/White Adire Batik

Black/Blue/White Adire Batik



Join us in supporting African artisans who make wearable art by hand! West African tie and dye/batik fabrics, known as “Adire” in Nigeria, are truly one-of-a-kind. They feature unique designs and color combinations.

When making tie and dye, twine or wool thread is tied around plain white cloth to create an intricate pattern. It is then dyed, often with numerous different colors.

Batik is another way to make fabric by hand. Batikers will either stamp designs onto fabric using foam that has been dipped into hot wax, or they will draw on the fabric by free-hand, using a foam stencil. The cloth is later dyed, dried, boiled, and then washed, revealing the stamped or hand-drawn designs. Designs range from vintage, cultural symbols to modern and abstract designs.

This fabric has a slightly stiff and smooth cotton feel but after washing, it softens significantly with a nice drape. It also has subtle embroidery-like designs already printed on the fabric.

  • Blue, black, and white abstract designs

  • Width - 45 inches

  • May contain traces of wax residue from hand-dyeing process. Easily removed with washing

  • Care instructions: machine wash cold with like colors; hang to dry; iron medium

  • Handmade in Nigeria

  • Ships from Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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