Gray/Brown Handwoven Batakari (2 pieces)

Gray/Brown Handwoven Batakari (2 pieces)


Set of two pieces of cloth, each measuring 15.5 inches by 72 inches.

Gray, brown, and white batakari, handwoven by women in Northern Ghana using indigenous techniques. This fabric is a tightly woven cloth that is heavyweight but breathable. Our batakari comes in the form of a long and narrow piece, as it is woven on loom that is approximately 15 inches wide.

Also known as “fugu” or “smock” fabric, Batakari is distinguished by its interesting blend of stripes and solids. The fabric is commonly used for traditional smocks, wedding attire, everyday fashion, & accessories.

Northern Ghana is home to amazing craftsmanship and valuable resources (like shea butter). When you purchase handwoven textiles, you empower local communities and help preserve indigenous fabrics!

Ships from Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Handwoven by Smocks & Batakari

  • Width- 15.5 inches

  • Length- 3 yards

  • 100% polyester threads

  • Care instructions: dry clean only; iron medium

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