*Pre-Order* Pink/Maroon/Blue Handwoven Kente Cloth

*Pre-Order* Pink/Maroon/Blue Handwoven Kente Cloth

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Authentic, handwoven kente cloth is one of the most significant pieces of Ghanaian culture. This fabric is sacred—usually associated with royalty and worn during special occasions. Many people also display kente around their home, and it is also used to make accessories.

We are working with kente weavers from the Bonwire in Ghana’s Ashanti Region to inform individuals about culturally appropriate ways to use kente. For example, according to Master Weaver Eric Kwarteng, kente should not be used as a doormat, rug, or chair cushion. We are also creating a digital kente cloth library that identifies all pattern names and meanings. Stay tuned!

This design is sold by Perfect Kente, a reputable brand in Accra, Ghana which sources authentic kente cloth from the Ashanti Region.

Design available for pre-order. Weaving and processing takes up to 4 weeks. Free express delivery as noted above.

In Ghana, three pieces of kente is known as a “women’s piece” or “6 yards.” Each piece of cloth has approximately 7-8 strips of kente sewn together (see measurements of one piece of cloth below).

You can pre-order either three multicolored pieces or four pieces, which includes a plain gold cloth woven with radiant thread.

  • Width- approximately 41 inches

  • Length- approximately 66 inches

  • Cotton and rayon threads

  • Care instructions: dry clean only; iron medium

No. of pieces: